Let’s face it: We aren’t the only company selling beehives. So, what makes our Homestead Hive different from commercial hives and hobbyist beehives?

  The Homestead Hive The Hollow Log on Grandpa’s Farm Standard Commercial Hives Other Top Bar Hives
Thicker wood that allows the bees to better maintain the optimum temperature and humidity check check × ×
Floating ends for easy access without ripping apart the brood check × × ×
Attractive design you can put in any backyard or garden check check × ×
Easily divides your honey from the bees’ honey check × × ×
Expandable with the Super, allowing hive to grow with the colony check × check ×
Bees determine the size of the cell they build check check × check
Allows you to harvest honey without destroying the comb check × check ×
Designed to last a lifetime check check × ×
Includes an observation window check × × check

Our wood is thicker than other hives
Temperature and Humidity Stabilized

The wood I use is twice as thick as any other hive I’ve seen on the market. This creates a natural, hollow-log like environment, helping the bees stabilize the humidity and temperature swings. The bees maintain a climate with 50% humidity and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is this important? As the temperature and humidity change throughout the day and night, the thicker wood—like a hollow log—takes on humidity and heat when there is too much and releases it when there isn’t enough. This creates a healthier, more stable environment for the bees, allowing them to direct their energy toward collecting nectar and pollen, rather than maintaining the interior climate. This lets the bees stay stronger and live longer. For you, this means you’ll get more honey from your bees.

Easily remove floating ends to check on hiveFloating Ends

My hive has floating ends that allow you to check on either the brood at the front of the hive or the honey at the back with minimal disturbance to their work. Simply slide over either floating end to quickly and easily access the inside of your hive.

Why is this important? Other similar beehives have fixed ends, meaning if you want to access the hive you have to dig all the way through, creating a huge disturbance among the brood. This prevents them from working to produce honey, and it can lead to more nasty stings.

View bees though non-invasive hive window.Commercial hives are even worse, as you have to rip the brood chamber in half just to check on the bees.

With the Homestead Hive, you can easily observe the brood or check on your honey without disturbing the bees, so they can keep working to produce quality honey for you.

Easily Divides Your Honey from the Bees’ Honey

We believe that healthy bees produce better honey and live longer lives. That’s why the Homestead Hive is specifically designed to allow the bees to feed on the honey they produce. All surplus honey can be easily accessed through the top Super, giving you your own supply of natural honey as well.

Honey left in the Super is extra. Honey left in the hive is for the bees.Why is this important? Commercial beekeeping practices have one purpose in mind: To harvest as much honey as possible. The bees are fed sugar, not honey, causing the colony to weaken and to be more susceptible to disease and mites.

Other similar hives make it difficult to figure out just how much honey you need to leave for the bees. As a result, there’s often barely enough honey in the hive for the bees to survive.

By allowing bees to feed on their own honey, our Homestead Hive creates stronger, healthier bees that will create high-quality honey for a long period of time. And with the addition of the Super, the guesswork is completely removed from harvesting the honey. Our unique design ensures the bees always have enough honey, with all excess honey (your honey) pushed into the Super for you to harvest whenever you want.

Our handmade hives come with a 100% workmanship guaranteeBees Determine the Size of the Cell They Build

In commercial beekeeping, the keeper determines what size cell the bees make by using starter foundation, but with the Homestead Hive, we like to let the bees determine the cell size on their own.

Why is this important? One of the reasons the mite problem has devastated the bee industry is because bees are forced to build bigger cells than they build in the wild. As a result, it takes longer for the bees to cap the brood, and the mites have an extra day to lay an egg inside the cell the queen bee is using to lay her eggs. The mite latches on the new bee and eventually destroys it.

Designed to Last a Lifetime

When you order the Homestead Hive, you’ll enjoy a 100% hand-built hive that’s made from high-quality wood. I never cut corners to save a few bucks, because I believe a better-built beehive lasts longer and creates a healthier environment for the bees.

Why is this important? Many other beehives are built using cheap wood and molded plastic frames that don’t hold up to harsh outdoor conditions. The Homestead Hive, on the other hand, is built using wood that’s twice as thick as the competition’s. This means that when you order my hand-built hive, you get a hive that’s engineered to last, giving you a high return on your investment.

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