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14 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Dave says:

    Where do I buy the queen and her bees ?

  2. Hi Dave,

    You can read my blog post on the subject here

    Good luck,


  3. Bob says:

    I built a top bar hive very similar to yours during last winter as a gift to a friend. She hasn’t populated it yet, so I don’t know how well it will work. I would like to see your hive and would like to start a colony here in Parkville, MO. Would you put me on your order list?


  4. Hi Bob,

    You are welcome to visit my apiary any time you want to make the trip to Stockton Lake.
    We are keeping up with the orders this time of year, however early spring I expect to get baked up. I recommended placing your order by fall, and you can find the hive listed at

    Thanks, James

  5. Erin says:

    When is the best time to purchase your product in time for establishing a colony?

  6. Hi Erin,

    Today is the best time of corse :)

    No really. It is too late this year to buy bees, so it will be spring before you can populate the hive, however late winter and spring i will likely be backlogged. I would recommend getting the hive by fall.

    thanks, James

  7. randall rhodes says:

    I am a first year beekeeper with a well populated top bar hive. I am just worried about feeding them thru the winter months. any suggestions or products?
    thank you!

  8. Randall,

    if you are worried about them having enough, then I would recommend not harvesting any honey until next spring just to be safe. What they will usually do is cut back on the brood, and back fill with honey in the late summer. If your hive is well populated, I don’t think you need to worry about winter starvation.
    Good luck, and let me know how it works out.


  9. Mark Edwards says:

    I am interested in starting a hive, but I know nothing about it. Can you recommend a book on the subject?


  10. Mark,

    I recommend my blogs of course. Also I think the best books for natural beekeeping are:

    The bare foot beekeeper – I think it is a $5 download
    The complete idiots guide to beekeeping

    Also you can sign up to my email list (from my home page) for pointers along the way

    Good luck, James

  11. Sasha says:

    Hi James,
    Please advise how you harvest honey without destroing the comb? And why bees in Homestead Hive don’t need any treatment (especially againts varroa mites)?

  12. Hi Sasha,
    I don’t like to see chemicals administered to bees in any type of hive. Read my blogs to understand the details of my philosophy, but the gist of it is: A healthy colony can generally fend off pests just fine. I focus on allowing the colony to grow strong without artificial feed, medication, and over sized cells, and let the bees do the rest. Harvesting the honey is generally done by the crush and strain method and then rendering the wax to use in candle making etc, however I do sell a super that goes on the hive for those wanting to use standard frames for the honey harvest.
    Thanks, James

  13. Julie Shaw says:

    Hey James! We’ll miss you at our Ozarks Sustainability Fall Festival, but we wish you the best at the Mother Earth Fair!

    -Julie and West Plains gang

  14. Julie, I will miss you folks also. Maybe I can catch the spring fling.

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