Contact info for honey bee suppliers who practice natural beekeeping.

It is the time of year to line up bees for the spring of 2011! I recommend buying bees that are raised naturally and sized naturally. I will list a few suppliers here, and add more as I find them.

Myron Kropf lives in northern AR and sells packages and nucs (short for nucleus, which is a small working colony with a laying queen). His nucs are in standard frames, so you will need to convert them over if you use top bar hives. his # is 870-458-3002 He has no email. I spoke with him Thursday, and he told me that he prefers having people pick up the packages, as he has trouble mailing them.

There is a fellow down in GA with the email who sells natural bees, and he also will not ship.

Sam Comfort with has small cell bees on top bars. I don’t know if he is already sold out for the spring. I also recommend reading the material on his site, as he is not only funny but, makes a lot of sense as well. I think he as a presence in NY and FL

And lastly I do not have any of my bees for sale in the spring of 2011 however I am buying a limited supply of packages from Myron in AR and installing them in top bar hives, feeding them honey and after the queen is laying and the comb is about the size of a basketball I will sell them as top bar nucs.

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One Response to “Contact info for honey bee suppliers who practice natural beekeeping.”

  1. Mary,

    Yes I will place you on the list. I think the bees will be available around the middle of may, but it depends on weather. I am charging $120.00 for the nuc (which is a small working colony with a laying queen on drawn comb about the size of a basketball). I will need 1/2 down payment by the end of november to hold that order, and you can pay the remainder when you pick them up.
    Send me an email at with questions.

    Thanks, James

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