jamesMy name is James Zitting, and I’ve had a 20 year fascination with bees. As a hobby beekeeper, I started out using conventional commercial hives with molded-plastic frames only to discover that these hives had a wide range of problems. They were bad for the bees, and they made my duties as a beekeeper much harder than they needed to be.

So I took to designing the Homestead beehives. I’ve been using my own hive designs for several years, and now, I’m making my hives available to you through BeeLanding.com. You can now enjoy a better beehive at the same price as other hobby hives.

At BeeLanding.com, you’ll always get a 100% handmade beehive built from the finest wood available. I never cut corners in my designs just to shave costs, and I always guarantee my work. That’s why you’ll enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee on all workmanship.

From beekeeping products to educational videos and articles, you’ll find everything you need to become a proficient beekeeper right here at BeeLanding.com.

Thanks for stopping by,
James Zitting

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